Every instructor worldwide wants to use the 5 circles.

(They may not know it.)

How do we know every instructor worldwide wants to know and use The 5 Circles?

Because virtually every instructor:

  • wants his/her students to learn
  • faces obstacles when his training and experience fail him
  • limits her students by what she doesn’t know
  • wants to reach more students
  • wants to see the end of drowning
  • wishes s/he had a solution to every learning problem
  • wishes his students could enjoy water as much as he does
  • knows everyone can learn to swim, even though s/he hasn’t yet been able to help each one yet
  • would like to maximize his/her confidence as an instructor
  • wants to be the best teacher s/he can be
  • wants to provide students with the best information that’s available
  • loves to see people happy

If every swimming instructor, swim school owner, and aquatics professional used The 5 Circles, preventable drowning (nearly all drowning) could be reduced by virtually 90 percent globally in the next hundred years, by 2120.

If every instructor of every topic knew and used The 5 Circles, virtually all teaching would work. Failure to learn would all but end.