5 Circles Teaching Method Learn to Swim


The 5 Circles Teaching Method are described and explained in Melon Dash's book, DVD, and instructor trainings. Conquer your fear of water The Miracle Swimmer

Every Instructor Worldwide Wants to Use The 5 Circles.

(Even if they don't know it yet.)


Learning looks like this

How do we know every instructor worldwide wants to know and use The 5 Circles?

Because virtually every instructor:

wants his/her students to learn
faces obstacles when his training and experience fail him
limits his students by what he doesn't know
wants to reach more students so more people can swim
wants to see the end of drowning
wishes his students could enjoy water as much as he does
knows everyone can learn to swim, even though he hasn't yet been able to help each one yet
would like to maximize his confidence as an instructor
wants to be the best teacher he can be (if it's not too difficult)
doesn't want to deny students existing information
loves to see people happy

If every swimming instructor, swim school owner, and aquatics professional knew The 5 Circles Teaching Method, preventable drowning (nearly all drowning) could be ended worldwide in the next hundred years.


If every instructor of every topic knew The 5 Circles Teaching Method, all teaching would work. Failure to learn would end.